Brand memo

April 3, 2019
Coopers, Australian Beer Brand
From Paul James
Coopers Australian Brand Manager
Re: Lesson from the Budweiser case
The key learning that one can gain from the Budweiser case is that strategic marketing and communication can turn around the performance of a company from dwindling sales volumes to multi-billion sales. The company redesigned its packaging to reflect American background and to wholly associate the brand with America. The target was to reverse the company’s declining sales in view of the 2016 summer (WARC, 2018). Budweiser had registered a gradual decline in sales for the last twenty seven years. The creation of the Budweiser, AmeriCan brand catapulted the company’s sales to levels never witnessed in its entire history. Despite niche breweries that specialized in flavors that were unique in the market while other drinks like wines and spirits also influenced the market against Budweiser the company managed to turnaround the company through strategic marketing and effective communication (WARC, 2018).
Coopers, the Australian beer brand can adopt the same strategy like Budweiser to resuscitate its declining sales and also to create a competitive company in the market. Budweiser redesigned its packaging to reflect American background and wholly associated its brand with America. Coppers can adopt the same measures and customize its brand to reflect the Australian market. The company can also change and adopt an attractive packaging as well as adopt captivating sales slogans like “Build Australia, Buy Coopers” for the Australian market but for international markets the slogan can be “its coopers… brand of quality”. The primary packaging material and the label’s design should be carefully considered in all details. The company should make a bold move and change its packaging to include patriotic connotations that are appropriate and which would be able to attract large sales volumes in the markets targeted.

Assuming you are the brand manager for the Australian beer brand, Coopers, write a memo to the CEO based on this case. In your memo:

a) note one key learning you gained from reading the Budweiser case and

b) offer one recommendation to the CEO to adopt for Coopers based on that learning

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