Brand’s targeting

Search for the top 10 most populated cities
Do a research to find the best online directories, networks or groups in those places that we can use to obtain information for the brand’s targeting sequence (information are provided below)

For each industry, I want you to use Google Trends( to determine which regions we can target with these three brands (PAYLY, MARKETR and The Health Industry)
Google Trends will show you the different regions where a topic is widely searched — this will be very helpful for geo-targeting as high volume of searches in a given region means a need of that brand.

After selecting 10 Regions for each brand, go ahead and continue with searching for online communities (Linkedin, Facebook, etc. don’t limit your scope within these two online communities) which can provide us with a target market scope for the brand
This process will help us narrow down and find more significant regions where we can target those brands.
For online communities, please provide as much as you can.

Sample Solution