Breaking Norms Outside of class

Conduct an experiment where you break a norm and analyze people’s reactions. For example, wear something typically associated with the opposite gender or eat something unusual (or unusually). Your norm violation may not break any rules or laws, or potentially cause harm to you or another person. You may have to conduct your act of deviance several times or for an extended period of time to get enough material for the assignment. Your paper will have 5 parts: 1) An introduction discussing the importance of norms, their place in society, and how they relate to concepts discussed in lecture including culture, culture shock, values, morals, taboo, folkways, mores, etc. 2) Description- what norm did you break? How did you do it? When did you do it? Where? Who was around? 3) Reactions to your act of deviance 4) Analysis – Why did they behave the way that they did? How did their reactions make you feel? 5) Conclusion – tie the results of this experiment to what you learned about norms and sanctions. Were the results as you expected? Why or why not? Why do people conform to norms?

Sample Solution