Bridge design

Choose a bridge design to establish a list of all the relevant identifiable customer requirements for this design. These design requirements should include most (where applicable) of the following points: • aesthetics, • functions, • performance, • sustainability, • cost, • timing You will also need to identify and list the relevant production parameters such as • regulations, • international standards • production guidelines

  1. Present the major design parameters for the chosen engineering design where these should be based on the customer requirements established in Task 1. You will also need to: • interpret and present the technical requirements of the chosen engineering design using appropriate sketches/drawings to show the physical dimensions and the other relevant design parameters. • identify and present resource requirements and demonstrate how these will match the design specification parameters • establish and present the level of risk associated with each significant design parameter.

3 Conduct a research using appropriate sources to obtain the required information for the chosen design. You will need to demonstrate how the obtained information was used to prepare the specification of the chosen design. You will also need to demonstrate that: • all relevant information is extracted from appropriate reference sources; • techniques and technologies

4 Based on the information presented in Tasks 1, 2, and 3, you need to produce a short report to demonstrate that the design specification presented in Tasks 2 and 3 meets customer requirements presented in Task 1. Task 5

has been used; Evidence of use of books, magazines, journals, e-resources and websites) To achieve this grading criterion, you need to present evidence of selecting and using appropriate range of source of information including books, magazines, journals, e-sources and websites for the information presented in Tasks 1, 2, and 3.

6: For all of the above tasks you need to demonstrate that the work you have presented is individual and original. Referencing demonstrates autonomous research beyond classroom delivery of the topics covered in the aforementioned tasks



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