Bringing Back Toys R’ Us

Apply the bulk of your paper to a specific small business or organization’s product that has not met sales expectations as follows:
This section of the course requires APA formatted paper that analyzes a company’s or organization’s consumer behavior strategy for a specific product or service that has not performed to sales expectations. The paper should:
A macro-analysis of a recent consumer-based product or service advertising campaign that has not met the success parameters. (25 points) A diagnostic deconstruction and determination of the major influences on the company’s targeted customers with respect to the advertising messages promoted in this campaign. Of special note is an identification of their motivations for buying the company’s products/services. (25 points) Investigate how the company’s consumers perceived the attributes of the product/services advertised. (25 points) Create a new consumer advertising strategy for the company’s specific product or service that is currently not performing up to expectations. (2






Sample Solution