BSc Air Transport Management

  Demonstrate an understanding of the global economics underlying fleet planning according to the market, constraints and the airline’s need.

Outcome 3: Compute data in order to successfully carry out fleet planning analysis.

Outcome 4: Make appropriate recommendations of a fleet type for a particular market

You are working in the Fleet Planning Department of an airline. Your airline is planning to launch a new route to a destination it is not currently serving. You have been tasked with writing a business report to senior management that will

(1) identify a suitable destination and the appropriate aircraft and capacity to serve it

(2) identify and calculate key economic parameters to analyse the feasibility of the route

(3) make a conclusion for a go or no-go decision and recommendation on whether or not to launch, based on your analysis in (1) and (2) above and

(4) write a personal learning paper on your experience and learnings from this assignment and the overall module.

  1. Airline and route selection, demand and revenue forecasts and aircraft allocation
    • Choose an airline that you are familiar with and/or has a complete set of information easily available for research e.g. annual reports, fleet configuration etc. You can choose either a network/full service carrier or an LCC but your choice of route/destination/aircraft must be compatible with the airline’s stated strategy.
    • Choose a destination that is not currently served by your airline but has potential.
    • Choose an aircraft: this can be a type that your airline currently operates or will start operating within the near future or it can be an entirely new type if you have nothing suitable already in your fleet plan.

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