Budget and Projections

Amy Royce is the chief business administrator for Hilldale Regional Hospital- You have recently accepted the manager position within the Internal
Medicine department- Ms- Royce has called a meeting to discuss the current budget, and projections for future years-
Hi, come on in! Thanks for meeting with me today. I wanted to touch base with you about our department’s budget- Since you stepped into the
department manager role in Internal Medicine, you and I will be working together to monitor our budget activity and projections- In reviewing last
years’ budget, I’m noticing several inconsistencies- I need to you do some research and find out if these figures were reported accurately, what
caused the variance, and if we need to make any course corrections to stay on budget this year, how we should go about that-
Lastly, I need you to see if we can afford to hire the Medical Assistant Dr. Jones keeps asking for. Simply telling him ‘it’s not in the budget’ is no
longer a feasible option- We need real numbers to support a yes or no decision on this hiring- I’ll need your recommendation on that for when I meet
with Dr. Jones later this week- Thanks for your work on this- I know it’s short notice!

Using fictional information, summarize the two inconsistencies in the budget Ms- Royce mentioned in the video- Explain the process you used to
analyze prior year’s values to reach your conclusion-
Discuss possible course corrections to keep the budget on track moving forward- You should incorporate financial management strategy into this
response- Avoid using terminology such as “we will need to spend less money.”
Explain how you researched the feasibility of adding a new medical assistant- Using fictional information, provide your recommendation based on the
current budget projections-



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