Building state and Local intelligence Capabilities

Congratulations once again, Your successes on the Homeland Security Task Force and with the U.S. Olympic Committee have resulted in you becoming a national security commentator on Fox News. The president’s new DNI has asked you to join her team and to lead a new national security task force. The task force is intended to significantly improve the capabilities of state and local law enforcement intelligence capabilities. The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has identified funding to hire, train and deploy 300 new ODNI Liaison Officers who will work in state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.
Things are happening fast. Congress is ready to fund the new ODNI Liaison Officer positions. However, the two congressional intelligence oversight committees want to know: (1) What will b the responsibilities of those liaison officers? (2) how d.s ODNI plan to equip them very quickly so that they will b b0 to get started in their new jobs very quickly?
The DNI has asked you to prepare two or three slides to answer the committees two questions. She has suggested you start by describing some of the highly useful products (e.g., Counterterrorism Guide for Public Safety Personnel) already developed and available on the NCTC website to help state and local law enforcement agencies participate in the war on terror.

Sample Solution