Business and Management

Your tutor has asked you to support him with the induction of new students to the Business Studies programme. He is planning an Induction Day. He wants to ensure the students know about the programme of study and the level of commitment this requires. On the day students will be involved in business games, which will help them to understand how businesses work. In addition, the Induction Day will show the new students how they should behave and present themselves in the business world as work experience and/or visits to businesses are part of the programme of study. Your tutor has asked you to focus on effective business communication and you will need to produce materials for the Induction Day and demonstrate best practice.

Your tutor has given you 6 tasks.

Task 1
Produce an informative handbook to guide the business students. The title of the document is “How to communicate well at work”. You should ensure the document is professionally presented, with appropriate headings and subheadings so that the information is clear. Your tutor has asked you to provide examples to support the points you make in the handbook. She has sent you the following email:

(AC 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2).
Task 2 – Problem solving
Communication is just one of the skills business students need. Another is problem solving. Sometimes detailed analysis of problems is needed. She has asked you to produce a handout which includes examples and explains:
a) the nature of common business problems
For a Merit grade your handout must also explain:
b) the six-step process of analysing a problem and finding the right solution

LO6, AC 6.1, 6M1

Task 3
When working in business, some people will be required to make telephone calls, run meetings, make presentations and produce documents. Your tutor was pleased with your work to date so she now wants you to produce appropriate guidance for each of these scenarios. Produce a series of ‘How to … ‘guides:
a) “How to make a telephone call effective”.
Make sure you:
o describe the key elements of effective listening
o describe the factors that make a telephone call effective

b) “How to run an effective Business meeting”.
Make sure you include information about the characteristics of a good meeting:
o Describe the factors that differentiate a productive meeting from an unproductive one. Explain how you can make a positive contribution to any meeting.
o Differentiate between a formal and an informal agenda.
o Describe the purpose and contents of the Minutes of a meeting.
o Describe the responsibilities of a Chairperson.

c) “How to make an effective Business presentation”.
Make sure you:
o Describe the different occasions which require information to be presented to others
o Explain the characteristics of an effective presentation, including the difference between an effective and ineffective visual aid.

(AC 1.2, 1.6, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3)
Additional extension activities for Merit and Distinction grades
Task 4 – Presentations
Your tutor is planning to run a series of workshops on the Induction Day and they will relate to the work you did in task 1. She would like students to give presentations to others in the group and has asked you to help prepare the materials.
You need to produce a variety of visual aids for two of the workshops which will be headed ‘Understanding the key principles and methods of verbal communication in business contexts’ and broken down into the 4 areas below. Use points 1 and 2 for presentation 1 and points 3 and 4 for presentation 2.

  1. Importance of clear communications and the impact of unclear communications
  2. Different communication styles
  3. Use of communication skills to build rapport
  4. The purpose of different types of questioning
    You could include handouts, PowerPoint slides, posters etc.

a) Once you have done this, you can deliver the two presentations to make sure they are interesting and appropriate for your audience

b) After your presentations make sure you ask for questions so that you can demonstrate your own communication and listening skills. You must show you can:
o communicate clearly and assertively
o demonstrate effective listening and appropriate questioning skills
(AC 5M1, 5D1, 1D1 and1D2)

Task 5 – Effective written communication
You need to collate examples of effective business communications to show to the new students. Examples could include the handouts, reports from previous tasks PowerPoint slides, Minutes from a meeting; emails to employers,
(AC 2M1)

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