Business case writing

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Imagine you are a team member of a large public hospital pathology service and you have been asked to formulate a business case to support an initiative of introducing a new section of ‘Molecular Genetics’. You have been briefed that you could expect to process approximately 200 samples per day. The scenario is that you are setting it up for the first time in a moderately sized pathology service (physical space and facility has been made available). You will need to consider staffing for the molecular genetics area, infrastructure (equipment) and kind of service (maternity/paediatric genetic testing). [PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE AREAS OTHER THAN MOLECULAR GENETICS as long as you are able to justify your proposed specific lab area as an emerging area that the Pathology service should expand into (e.g Molecular Cytopathology or Molecular Microbiology). These evidence can be found from PUBMED, WEB OF SCIENCE, MED please include all key element, Executive summary( at the end), background, project description, solution description, cost/benefit analysis, implementation timeline, critical assumption and risk assessment, conclusions and recommendation.




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