Business Communication

Case Study Questions

  1. Chapter 1 discusses the term knowledgeable employee. Define the term and explain whether the term applies to Lynn and Mark. Use specific examples.
  2. Using the nine-step decision-making system, a logical approach to problem solving, describe each step and how Lynn can apply the model to resolve her problem with Mark.
  3. Nonverbal communication is one component of communication. Explain nonverbal communication. What types of nonverbal communication did Mark exhibit? List the types, discuss the information, and explain the message these actions sent to Lynn. If you were Lynn, what type of nonverbal communication would you exhibit during this conversation and why?
  4. Identify, explain, and discuss two concepts, ideas, or theories from your textbook that could be applied to this situation. Identify possible reasons why this situation occurred, and the concepts, ideas, or theories that could be used to ensure the situation does not occur again (choose concepts that were not addressed in the first three questions).

Sample Solution