Business Ethics

The assignment is to research current (within the last 60 days) news articles and choose ONE company that
has been involved in a recent ethical failure. Examples of ethical failure may be a misrepresentation to
consumers regarding a product or service OR ethical issues arising from the behavior of company officers or
employees. Please state the name of the news source and attach a link to the article. USE LEGITIMATE
Answer the following in an essay research paper format in at least 275 words (double spaced, 12 point type not
including the title of the news story, the source, date, and the link):

  1. Please describe the ethical failures and discuss how the company could have handled the situation in a
    more ethical way. The paper should contain your analysis and your original thoughts as to how the company
    could have done better in dealing with their ethical issue.
    In your analysis, you should refer to at least one specific ethical framework described in our class discussions,
    in the textbook, or in this article on ways to prevent ethical failure:
  2. If you had read this story before starting this LAW class, would your analysis and reaction to the news story
    have been different? Explain how this LAW class may have changed your perspective.
  3. Where is the court that is involved (if one is involved) physically located and what type of court is it (trial,
    state, federal, appellate?) Describe what will happen in that court relative to what you have learned in this LAW
    class. Will there be a start to litigation, discovery, a trial, an appeal for example? Can you tell from the news

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