Business ethics and social responsibility

Section A: Any one:

  1. “Business ethics and social responsibility should be the starting point (and not as an afterthought) in strategic management process. The corporate strategy should be one of its main pillars”. Discuss your views and show how you would apply your views and the relevant concepts to an organization.
  2. Discuss how a domestically-oriented company’s CEO would become a truly internationally-oriented CEO. Also explain how he can make his management team more internationally-oriented.

Section B: Answer all:

  1. Discuss the inter-relationship between strategic and operating sides of strategic management. Show how you, as a CEO, you would effectively integrate the two processes.
  2. You are a CEO of an organization in its maturity stage (of its organizational life cycle, as discussed in class). Show how you would apply some of the major ideas of Chapter 11 and 12 to any real and/or hypothetical company.
  3. Review the whole course in all its aspects.

Sample Solution