Business law

Read the case of Parker v. Twentieth-Century Fox Film Corp., and answer a series of questions about the case.

  1. Was the original contract between Parker and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. a unilateral contract or a
    bilateral contract? Explain your answer.
  2. Every contract requires consideration in order to be valid. What was the consideration in the original
  3. Twentieth Century Fox notified Parker on April 4th that the company would not be able to abide by the
    contract that was scheduled to begin on May 23rd. What is the legal term for this type of breach of contract?
  4. What was Twentieth Century Fox’s defense to the lawsuit?
  5. Name at least two ways in which the offered substitute employment differed from the original employment
  6. The Court awarded Parker $750,000 in damages.
    a. How did the Court arrive at this amount?
    b. What is the legal term for this type of damages?

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