Business law

Boris and Priti are shareholders and directors in Boxit PLC, a company whose shares are traded on the Stock Market.

a)Jacob, another shareholder believes that Priti was not properly appointed to being a director. Advise Jacob whether he could challenge her appointment in court.
b)Boris has seen reports of unexplained payments made by one of Boxit PLC’s agents in Australia. The agent has only said that the payments were made to get priority for Boxit’s products. Advise Boris as to whether they may be any consequences for the company from these facts.
c)Priti has received payment for an order from a new customer in cash. The total amount of money is nearly £100,000 and Priti is wondering what she should do about this unusual payment.
d)Boris is so excited at the excellent annual results of the company that he tells his brother Joe as soon as he sees them. Joe then buys some shares in the company, and is very pleased when the share price rises when the results are made public. Advise whether Boris and Joe have done anything wrong.
e)Priti is told by a customer of Boxit PLC that they are looking for UK distributor of one of their products. Priti thinks this is a good business opportunity for her and It is not the type of business that Boxit PLC is involved in. Advise Priti whether she can take the opportunity herself.
f)Boris tells a delivery driver for Boxit PLC to ignore legal limits on the time drivers are allowed to work, and do one more delivery because the order is so important. Advise whether the company has committed a crime.

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