Business letter

FACTS: You are an employee of AudioHero, a manufacturer of external computer speakers located at 33
Industrial Way in Mahwah. You are assistant vice-president of sales and you attend a trade show at the
Exposition Center in the NJ Meadowlands. At the show, you meet and chat with Susan Ruiz, regional vicepresident of purchasing for Best Buy out of the company’s northeast office located at 225 Harbinger Way in
Stamford, Connecticut. You discover that, like yourself, Ms. Ruiz graduated from Ramapo College (though a
few years earlier than you). You both had Prof. Harvey Groove, a crazy, eccentric marketing professor when
you were students there. You shared some stories about him.
At the AudioHero booth, you demonstrate your company’s top-of-the-line external computer speakers to Ms.
Ruiz and she says that she is impressed with the sound. She asks what the wholesale price is and you reply,
“It’s $50 a pair, but of course we would love to work with Best Buy and we can figure out a better price for you.”
Ms. Ruiz gives you her card and says it was “very nice to meet you and learn about AudioHero.” You discuss
this encounter with your boss who tells you to write a business letter of interest to Ms. Ruiz at Best Buy. Your
goal is to refresh Ms. Ruiz’ memory (she saw a lot of products at the show) and tactfully solicit further
communications to persuade Best Buy to do business with AudioHero. You want to open the door to doing
business with this substantial retail chain without coming across as too pushy.
ASSIGNMENT: Write a one-page (typed) business letter in BLOCK FORM (not indented form – please learn
the difference) addressed to Best Buy to lay the foundation for a business relationship.

Sample Solution