Business Management

Clara is a front desk clerk at a hospital who is swamped with work. Even more so after the other clerk was
transferred to oncology and she has to show the new clerk Isabel the ropes. A patient Mr. Gibson did not get
any breakfast that morning because of an issue with the food she owns the problem and apologizes. She
assured him that she will have the food personally delivered by one of the transporters. The front desk is
extremely hectic with nurses and doctors asking her of many tasks. Some people even ask her to handle
personal calls for them for example a nurse saying she’s expecting a call from her boyfriend and if she can let
her know. Throughout the day she deals with unruly patients but she handles it in stride. Everything just seems
unorganized but she handles it all well.
Kyung is an environmental service worker (custodian) at a hospital who feels like he’s invisible. Doctors treat
him disrespectfully creating mess and leaving it for him to clean. He is stopped in the halls by random patients
telling him to do his job when he is not assigned to that area and nurses telling him that their patients take
more priority than others.
Answer the following questions as if you were the Vice President in charge of Administration, responsible for
the floors and staff.
What were some of the concerns with the Front Desk Clerk and Environmental Services seen in the video?
Determine if this is a management issue or an employee correction issue and support your answer.
From an administrative perspective, what should be done (specifically, what programs, interviews, training,
policies, procedures, or a change in management style) to correct the problems? Use citations to prove
What tools would you put in place to determine the success of the interventions you mentioned? Use citations
to prove answer

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