Business management essay


Read: Fernandez, S. (2009). Peter Drucker’s leap to faith: Examining the origin of his purpose-driven life and its impact on his views of management.

What to write in the paper: According to the author, Peter Drucker believed that having a purpose driven life was the key to management, leadership and a sense of ethics. What arguments does the author make to reinforce this contention? Do you believe the Drucker’s spiritual foundation of management and leadership holds true today?

Please use 5 references, APA format, write about 3 and half pages.

Paper Writing Requirements:
1.The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the page requirement or word count. These should be in addition to page requirements.

  1. Acceptable/credible sources include: Academic journals and books, industry journals, and the class textbook. You could use credible business website sources in addition to the peer-reviewed required sources, but avoid Wikipedia and Google. These are academic papers that need to include scholarly research.

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