Business organization

Research and identify a business organization or company of interest that
you believe is currently high performing or has a promising future.
o What about the organization or company that has captured your attention?
o From your reading and research, characterize and support your
assessment of the status of the organization as highly successful,
somewhat successful, or challenged in its pursuit of high success.
 Describe your company of choice and your assessment of its success.
 Briefly share your assessment of the place of Creativity, Discovery, and
Innovation in the company you have chosen.
o Provide evidence for your assessment from unit resources.
o Differentiate how each element is unique and differs from others.
 Based on your examination of the information shared regarding the status of
each concept in the organization or company, address the following.
o What is the potential for continued and future success of the organization?
o With respect to your understanding of the elements, what is working, and
what is not working?

Sample Solution