Business Strategy and Policy

We looked at 3 basic types of Organizational Structures (before we added more complexity to them) They

  1. Simple Structure
  2. Functional Structure
  3. Divisional Structure
    So, for each of these “structures”, please give me a real-world firm that follows that structure.
    You can either give me examples that you KNOW to follow these structures … OR … give examples that you
    think SHOULD follow these structures.
    However either way, briefly explain why the structure is a fit for the firm.
    Part 2 – Chapter 11
  4. Firms that fail to behave in an ethical manner can incur high costs. What are some of these costs and what
    is their source?
  5. Identify a CEO (or any leader within a firm) whose leadership you admire. What is it about his/her skills,
    attributes, and effective use of power that causes you to admire that person?

Sample Solution