Business technology

1- Since the early years, the role of technology (hardware and software) in organizations has evolved. Comment on this statement and show how technology has changed the organization structure, processes and products.

2- IT has caused many changes in the value chain as first proposed by Porter. Comment on this statement and show how the value chain and its activities have evolved

3- The use of computer networks has gone through many phases such as (1) the Internet & (2) The Internet of Things. Discuss the early development of the Internet and how it evolved to the Internet of Things. Consider how these changes have been reflected on products.

4- Two terms, often discussed today, are “Privacy & Security”. George Orwell, in his novel 1984, suggested that political authority “Big Brother” will use Information Technology to control the masses. The early periods of Arab spring, on the other hand, suggested the opposite while more recent development support Orwell’s “Big Brother”. Leon Panetta, former USA Secretary of Defense and former director of the CIA, stated to ABC news “Well, there’s no question that if a cyber attack, you know, crippled our power grid in this country, took down our financial systems, took down our government systems, that would constitute an act of war.”* In other words, the USA will consider any crippling attack on the Internet as a declaration of war on it.
• Define the terms Privacy & Security
• Discuss how IT is influencing both

5- The class discussed how IT will influence the future. This includes advancements in terms of hardware, software, medical advancement and other aspects. These advancements can influence the society, cultures and us as human beings. Discuss these issues and present your expectation of what may happen.

6.The success of an Information Technology Project depends on many factors beyond the appropriate design of a system. In other words, the success or failure of the implementation and utilization of a computer application in an organization is dependent on other factors such as implementation plan, user involvement in addition on how well the application is technically designed.
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