Calculus’s applications

1) Your thoughts on Calculus’s applications to real life. 2)Did you find the provided sources useful for your learning? 3) Provide links to at least 2 resources you used from the Internet that you found the most clear, easy to understand and creative. 4) Create two original (unique) real life situations in which these topic applies. TOPICS: 1) Water is being drained from a container, which has the shape of an inverted light circular cone. The container has a radius of 2 inches at the top and a height of 5 inches. At the instant when the water in the container is 2 inches deep, the surface level is falling at a rate of 1.9 in/sec. Find the rate at which water is being drained from the container. 2) A television camera at ground level is filming the lift-off of a space shuttle that is rising vertically according to the position equation s = 50V, where s is measured in feet and t is measured in seconds. If the camera is 2000 feet from the launch pad, find the rate of change in the angle of elevations of the camera at 10 seconds after lift-off



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