“Cancer Killers” Scientific American

I. What are T cells and their importance to the immune system?

  1. What is the role of dendritic cells in the body’s normal immune response?
  2. How did the researchers mimic and improve the dendritic cells’ stimulatory behavior?
  3. What are the two major challenges in mounting an immune response to cancer?
  4. What are the roles of the MHC protein molecule, antigens and the ligand-protein molecule in telling the T cell to attack a cancer cell?
  5. Describe howCÅR T cells were developed d including the use of HIV particles.
  6. Why was the CD19 surface protein an attractive target for CAR T cell therapy?
  7. Why can CAR T cells be described as a “living drug”?
  8. Why does CAR T cell therapy not work for all leukemia patients?
  9. What are the problems in developing an immune-based treatment for solid tumors and how might these problems be overcome?

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