Capitalism And Gay Identity

* John D’Emilio, “Capitalism and gay identity,” from Culture, Society & Sexuality: A Reader, ed. by Richard Parker and Peter Aggleton, London & NY: Routledge, pp. 250-258.

D’Emilio opens the article raising questions about certain “myths” that he believes were created by the gay and lesbian liberation movement of the 1960s and 70s. What are the myths he is talking about? Why do you think the gay liberation movement developed these myths? What are the main questions/critiques that D’Emilio poses to these myths? D’Emilio discusses various social transformations produced by capitalism that allowed for the emergence of a gay identity. One of these is through its transformation of the family. How did capitalism change the structure and purpose of the family and how did this allow the emergence of a gay identity? What other dimensions of capitalism contributed to its emergence?




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