1. Write a 5-7 page (1250 – 1750 word) brief to President Trump in which you explain to him
    What state capitalism is and how it differs from the US model of capitalism. Be sure to highlight the diversity within state capitalism (democratic/authoritarian spectrum)
    Why state capitalism appears to have support from its own business class of entrepreneurs and its citizens. What features of state capitalism appear appealing and why?
    Why and how the dramatic growth in state capitalism in recent years could potentially transform the international economy and international security
    What the US can do to respond, given the fact that most state capitalist countries reject the ideology of neoliberalism/Washington Consensus and the paradigm of Western free-market economics.
  2. In approximately 500-750 words, discuss the purpose and use of sovereign wealth funds, addressing the following:

a. What are sovereign wealth funds? Why are they created and how are they funded? (where does the money come from?)
b. What are SWF’s primarily used for?
c. Use the article by Behrendt to explain how SWF’s have been used to shape policies and institutions of state capitalism in each of the following countries/regions
i. Middle East & North Africa
ii. Singapore
iii. Russia

Sample Solution