Cardiovascular disease

1) Pick a health related topic (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, pancreatic cancer, etc).

2) Do a literature search to understand what the history is of this health topic. Describe the epidemiology of the health topic including: The prevalence, incidence, global implications, national implications, racial, gender, and age differences, and risk factors. (8 points)

3) Go to the literature (e.g., pubmed or google scholar) and find AT LEAST two research articles on this topic. The articles should address what has been done to treat, or manage, or intervene on this health topic. One article MUST be a randomized clinical trial phase III or IV. One article MUST be any other study design of your choice. Include the reference to the articles at the end of this assignment. (2 points)

4) Describe the METHODS of each study. (5 points)

5) Describe the RESULTS of each study. (5 points)

6) COMPARE the results of each study – how are they similar, how are they different? (5 points)

7) WHY might the results be similar or different (depending on what the findings are)? (3 points)

8) What needs to be done by researchers to make advances in this health condition? (2 points)

9) Propose a RCT design that you would conduct to address these issues – what do we need to know or what interventions need to be developed that you can do as a researcher?

-Make sure you describe the problem and why this study needs to be done

-State the study design you have chosen

-Describe the methods (the target population, inclusion and exclusion criteria, your randomization process, blinding, ethical implications, timeline, how you are addressing bias, potential problems and how you will address these, and anything else you think is important to include). (20 points)

Sample Solution