Career aspiration research

Education. certifications, and training required/available for the career area 2 Progression through the field and opportunities for advancement (what jobs might you have to achieve your goal) : Work environment(s) — what is involved? What is it like? Is it stressful? : Appropriate dress : Salary ranges or average salaries Industry information, such as leaders in the field (e.g., specific companies or organizations), market trends Professional organizations you might join on your way or when you reach your goal : 5 Industry (trade) publications you might subscribe to as you strive for/achieve your goal : College of Hotel Administration classes that are most relevant for this career area (choose 5 classes and provide rationale) the career i chose for this assignment is casino manager. I do not need any paper work, only need ten slides of PPT include reference page in APA format. also the resources that you use should be cite under each slide.

Sample Solution