Career Biography Review

Read an autobiography or biography of a successful person you admire. Write a 2-3 page report on the book focusing on the person’s career. The report should discuss the following items:
The person’s career path and decision-making process The person’s values and motivations Challenges that the person has experienced in their life What you found inspiring or informative about the book How you will apply what you learned in the book to your own career decision making process/career path Links to an external site.
Describe why you picked it, what you liked about it, what you learned etc. Also in your essay consider the topics discussed in class:
how values shape career goals how family, culture and media shape career goals how chance events or luck shape career paths but being prepared to take advantage of them is a key to success how failure is necessary for success How optimism, flexibility and risk are keys to career success how job market and economic conditions affect careers

Sample Solution