Career Practical Training

Complete the attached report.
Be sure to explain how your employment activities relate to your degree program.
Explain the specific job duties and responsibilities that you accomplished this week.
Provide details of your interaction and communications with your direct supervisor and/or your co-workers.
Identify the various soft skills that you utilized in performing your job responsibilities. Detail those specific events and the critical thinking process that occurred.
Remember: If you were assigned new duties and/or responsibilities, make sure you concentrate on those items. If you are completing similar activities, concentrate on the different responsibilities you completed this week.
The report is a minimum of 300 words and is worth 100 points.

Use Grammarly to check your report prior to submitting for grading. Make sure your Grammarly review setting is set to KNOWLEDGEABLE, FORMAL, and ACADEMIC.

Also, make certain that you utilize proper paragraph and sentence structure.

Sample Solution