Case Analysis for Organizational and Stakeholder Factors

In this Module, we explored how organizational factors affected stakeholders’ IT adoption. We looked at how organizational and stakeholder readiness, organizational culture, and leadership can affect stakeholder behavior and attitudes. We also looked as some tools and frameworks that you can use to analyze an organization to determine if what organizational factors could be barriers or benefits to IT adoption. This week we begin pulling everything together. In Module 1, you defined the sociotechnical factors of a work environment. In Module 2, you explored the social and organizational factors related to people, tasks, and technology. In Unit 5, you explored how leadership, organizational, and cultural factors affect EHR adoption. In Unit 6, you explored a study by Najartorkaman et al that gives us 78 factors that could affect EHR adoption. These 78 factors should help you identify the themes of the sociotechnical issues you identify in the dimension

For this Case Analysis, you will begin to pull together all sociotechnical issues in your case. Use the antecedents for EHR adoption in Najaftorkaman et al to review the sociotechnical issues that you have identified in your case thus far.

Refine and revise the sociotechnical factors you identified related to people, task, and technology (Module 2) using the antecedents.
Refine and revise the sociotechnical factors you identified related to people, leadership, organizational, and cultural (Module 3) using the antecedents.
Discuss how the social and organizational factors that you just reviewed and revised impact each other.

Sample Solution