Case brief

You are to brief a legal case from the following list of acceptable legal cases. You will be able to download the full text of each legal case from the web link provided. You case brief should be at least 1.5 pages but not more than three pages. Please double space and type your brief. Margins should be 1 inch all around. This assignment has to be in your own words, do not simply cut and paste from the original document. There are links on how to break cases down into their component parts. Another source for examples are the cases summarized in your text, they are broken down into the components listed below. Your brief should include answers to the following questions: Parties: Identify the parties involved Case Level: What court is deciding this case? What level is this court? Who is (are) the judge(s) writing the decision? What is the procedural history of the case (where has the case already been heard, list all the levels)? Legal Issue: What is the legal question being considered in this case? Facts of the Case: What are the important facts behind the case being decided? What is the underlying story to the legal question? Rule of Law/Issue: What is the rule that court is analyzing in this case? Are there any policies relevant to this rule that the court is also considering? Reasoning/Analysis: How does the court tie the facts in this case to the rule of law under consideration? Holding: What is the final decision of the court?




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