Case study – Apigee Technologies

Group Project: Case study – Apigee Technologies
Apigee faced competitive pressures from larger and more established IT companies venturing into the API domain, leading to the consolidation of medium-sized companies through mergers. In response, the company scaled up rapidly through strategic acquisitions and by deepening its relationships with existing clients.
As the number of employees grew, Apigee management felt the need to review its people management practices. Clearly, the unique DNA of Apigee could not be compromised. As the company expanded in size and scope, the leadership team needed to decide how to retain Apigee’s espoused core values, such as its personalised approach, a culture of freedom and high levels of employee empowerment.
The biggest challenge in this context is the sustainability of such a culture. An organisation needs to continually innovate and bring in fresh ideas to keep employees engaged. Managing the expectations of existing and potential employees becomes a critical challenge for leaders. Multiple benefits of a unique people-management approach are evident in Apigee’s case.

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