Case study ” dyslexia “

• Write a holistic case summary of a child in your practicum classroom/school.
• Develop expertise in writing an IEP for a child. You will write an IEP that includes learning goals in one specific learning area and one behavioral or social area.
• Carefully consider the use of relevant technology to support teaching and learning for the child.

a. Case Summary: (providing information and background)
write a summary about a child to match the age level of the class you are teaching in on practicum. The summary must include information about the child in the family; strengths and needs; detailed information (including curriculum levels) about a range of learning areas; information about the child’s behavior and emotional needs; and all other information that you deem to be relevant to the holistic support of the child.
(one page)

b. Write an IEP for this child that will include:
• Strengths;
• Needs;
• Long and short term goals;
• Specific goals for one curriculum area of learning AND one behavioral area;
• Strategies/resources including ecological considerations, to achieve the learning area and the behavioral goals;
• Accountability i.e. Who will support this child to reach the goals set in the IEP?

c. Identify assistive technology tools that can help the child. Make sure to consider the following areas when you select the assistive technology tools:
• Physical
• Communication
• Cognitive
• Emotional
• Academic

Sample Solution