Case study question and current event

Part I. Case Questions Briefly summarize each of the cases below from the Jennings “Business Ethics textbook in this class (see syllabus) and answer the questions as indicated. – Case 2.8 Valeant, P. 78, Q. 2-3; – Case 2.12 Deflategate and Spygate: The New England Patriots, P. 108, Q. 1-2; – Case 2.13 Damaging Reviews on the Internet, P. 112, Q. 1-2 Part II. CURRENT EVENT (WITHIN LAST 30 DAYS) THAT RELATES TO ONE OF THE CASES IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. Pick one of the cases above, and discuss the current event (i.e. something in the news recently within the past 30 days that you can hyperlink to) that makes you think of an ethical situation raised in that case. Make sure your discussion includes the following: (1) You must hyperlink to a written news article, or attach written article as a .pdf in your submission), to a recognized news organization, and it must show the news article as current within the last 30 days. The only video is the one you are submitting; (2) Summarize the article; (3) Discuss which of the Cases it reminds you of and why; (4) And discuss how you would resolve the issue given what you have learned.

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