Case Study StoryMiners

The organization works with clients to articulate and execute their desired business strategies. The organization has found the coronavirus pandemic has rendered most business planning research obsolete. Some of their established competitors have weakened or disappeared entirely. New competitors are emerging. Services are changing. Storyminers is seeking an independent view and a new perspective on how their services stack up against a new competitive set. They need to understand quickly if they are on point and where they need to upgrade their messages and offers.
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Now, imagine you are working as a consultant for Storyminers. The manager of Storyminers would like you to offer indicate which key COVID-19 points would work best for the services they have.

The manager said that he wanted Covid-19 to be more about resilience and agility because Covid will pass, but companies will always need to be resilient and agile. So your answer should be broader and about resilience and agility.

Write you response based on the services of Storyminers, 200-300 words.

Make sure to conduct sufficient online research about the Storyminers (and its business) and the COVID-19 to support your answer.

Sample Solution