Case Study: The “Now Wedding

Using the time estimates offered in the case create a simple timeline/schedule. This need not be detailed, just the basics are sufficient. Using the estimated costs provided in the case, create a simple budget. Of course, upon review, Dad will comment ‘Oh, boy!’ Are the time and cost estimates reasonable, why or why not? (Note: there is no wrong answer to this question, it is simply a gauge for how you assess each of these elements and not a validator on how much planning should go into or how much money should be spent on a wedding.) Considering the list of items Lauren and Mom plan for the wedding identify three key items and provide alternatives that would save cost or time in planning this wedding. Include your rationale for the new options and why each is a better choice than the existing idea they presented in the conversation with Dad. Considering the list of items Lauren and Mom plan for the wedding, identify a contingency plan for three key items essential to the wedding. The list may not include the three original items you suggested alternates for, but it may include the alternates since you may assume that Lauren loved your suggestions. Why are these items essential to the wedding and therefore in need of a contingency plan?


Sample Solution