Case study with a Netlytic analysis (based on twitter) of the Charlie Hebdo attack

Do a case study of the drastic response of twitter to unite the different media and other users in the defense of freedom of speech against terrorism basing it on the terrorist attack that suffered the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris 2005. The case study must demonstrate understanding of social network or textual analysis on social media. For this part the essay has to include a Netlytic analysis of the theme using the Twitter

tNeSuisCharlie.(you have to put this phrase on the website to do the analysis) In order to to the main part which is the Netiytic analysis you need to create an account in and connect it to your twitter account. Also to prove that you have used this site you need to add screenshots of the text analysis or network analysis and use theory words to analyze what you see in the graphics. | will provide a document with the structure of the essay and some power-point with theory to use on the case study.

Sample Solution