Choose one of the following topics to write on the causes OR the effects (these are two different things). Some of the topics are specified as only the effects or just the causes. This essay will also give you a chance to incorporate research. If you will notice, these essay are setup as arguments to make since it will be easier to take a side. Many of you will take ENG 112 after this class, and this will give you a chance to be better prepared with research and argument.
When you have decided on your topic, you must research your topic and have at least TWO sources.

  1. Argue that either a college education should or should not be a job requirement by focusing on the effects of getting a college education.
  2. Argue that students are too dependent on technology by focusing on the causes OR the effects of using technology.
  3. Argue that students need to have access to more technology in education by focusing on the causes OR the effects of technology in education. ( MY CHOICE)
  4. Argue that social media should be limited for teenagers by focusing on its effects on body image.
  5. Looking at the causes of negative body image, make an argument for one thing that could change to help lead to positive body image.

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