Challenging Authority : Renaissance and Reformation

Part 1. Use proper essay format( intro, body, paragraphs, conclusion) and provide specific example to support your argument: The Radical Reformation not only challenged both traditional and reformed religious beliefs, it also challenged accepted social and political structures. What were the main ideas that shaped the Radical Reformation, and why was this movement so threatening to the statues quo?
Part 2. Provide a few sentences or short paragraph to answer each: A.What was Luther’s Doctrine of “Sola Fide”(only by means of faith)? How was this different from Catholic beliefs about salvation? B. Is there evidence of opposition to the power of the Pope before the coming of the Reformation? C. What does the treatment of witches in Early Modern Europe suggest about the view of women in this era? D. What factors, either intellectual or social, led to the decrease in witchcraft trials in the late 17th century?

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