Choose a complementary or alternative medication.
Step 2: Research the medication using professional, high quality peer reviewed journals, websites, and
Step 3: Choose one of the following options:
A. Design a patient education tri-fold pamphlet.
B. Produce a 60 to 90 second educational video commercial or 5 minute power- point.
Step 4: Be sure to include the following:
A. Brand and generic names for the CAM.
B. Where does it come from (what natural source)?
C. Indications: What is it supposed to do? How long should it take to work?
D. Recommended dosages and routes available (be very specific).
E. Are there any side effects or adverse effects?
F. Is there anyone who should not take this medication?
G. Are there any medications that you should not mix with this substance?
H. What are the sources of your information? Is it research, or testimonials?

Sample Solution