Change Management Methods and Managing Organizational Resistance

I am looking at change management and communication with regards to resistance within the organization. The professor is strict about the number of sources, more than 10 is better and focusing on how to use the past research to make recommendations for the future. Instructions for the Literature Review: For this paper, you are to write an integrative literature review that focuses on a specific organizational communication process and leads to research questions or hypotheses. You should choose a specific area within one of the general organizational communication processes in your textbook that was discussed in class this semester and conduct a literature search to identify all relevant theory and research within that area. After reading relevant literature, you should consider how this literature fits together (i.e., analyze and synthesize it) and consider what issues still need to be considered in this area (i.e., develop research questions and hypotheses). Your final product will then be a report that reviews the literature in an integrative fashion by making an argument about what has previously been written in a particular area of organizational communication and what needs to be done in the future. In terms of mechanics, your paper (either option) should: •Be 8 -10 pages (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, 1” margins) •Follow APA 6thed. formatting and in-text citation guidelines •Include at least 10 references (on a separate page and also properly formatted in APA style) •Include a title page and table of contents with relevant subheadings to aid your reader •Adhere to academic writing standards and include an introduction section, content separated by paragraphs and headings, and a summary/conclusion section

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