The Humanistic Tradition The Early Modern World to the Present by Gloria K. Fiero Chapters 35-37 and extra credit for these chapters
Pick one of the following areas to discuss for this week’s discussion posts. Describe the postwar cultural boom in America. Describe the unique stylistic features of painting, architecture, music, and dance at mid-century. Discuss the quest for gender equality as reflected in feminist literature and art. Chronicle the role of ethnicity and ethnic identity in the arts. Discuss the ways in which high technology and the information explosion have influenced late twentieth and early twenty-first-century human expression. Explain the basic features of postmodern literature and magic realism. Describe the basic features of postmodern architecture, opera, and dance.

Include a PRIMARY discussion post response to the stated question(s) and then reply to at least TWO classmates’ posts.
1. TWO references to the weeks reading with citation in APA formatting for your primary discussion.
2. Minimum of 150 words in the primary discussion response.
3. Replies to classmates must go beyond the this is good’ or “nice post.” There must be substance to the post.
Give evidence to why you agree or disagree (this is a great time to get some Extra Credit Points).
EXTRA CREDIT – 1 additional point per week. Extra credit will be given if you find addition ‘work’ from the period/style you are discussing and/or: 1. Post a picture or link for us. 2. Use an outside source with APA citation / reference in addition to the TWO from the book (NO WIKIPEDIA!!!) This topic is locked until Jul 26 at 12am.

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