Characteristics of an insightful as a person

I need answers to ALL of these questions for every single topic
Question 1: what exactly happened?
Question 2: how it negatively impacted you?
Question 3: what did you specifically do?
Question 4: what did you learn from it?
Question 5: how it made you a better person?
Please number the question you are answering for each topic. All of them need to be answered.

topic 1: explain the time when you had a conflict with your group members

topic2: explain the time when you had a conflict with your superior

topic 3: explain a time when you resolved a conflict that occurred between your job and studies and how you resolved it?

topic4:explain a time when you were a good team player

topic 5:explain a time when you learned something about yourself

topic6: explain a time when you got criticized feed back and what you did?

topic 7: explain a time how you are insightful as a person

topic 8: explain your weakness and how you overcome it

topic 9:explain your strengths

Sample Solution