Charity/Fundraising Project Budget and Earned Value

For the project plan you are developing, do an internet search for ‘project budget sample’ and/or ‘project
budget template.’Develop a budget for your project that indicates the total costs of each element in your project
(tip: the Work Breakdown Structure can help you see where costs may occur).Pick a 4 week span in your
project and make an EVM table where you show the money that will be needed in each of those 4 weeks
based on the amount of each budget item. For instance, if you are building a house over 16 weeks, each week
would have a certain cost in materials and labor.For your project, make a table for 4 weeks of expenses that
shows how much cash from the total budget you will need in those weeks. Note1: Half of the assignment is the
total project budget and half of the assignment is the week by week allotment of the budget over at least 4
weeks of the project time frame. The EVM Sample Preview the document may help you lay out the specific
costs for a set period within your project. Note2: if your project is using volunteers, please generate a value for
the volunteer labor. This becomes a useful tool when reporting the plan’s success later, as you can say “Our
volunteers provided $xxxx equivalence in free labor for this project.”I have attached the work breakdown
structure, EVM example to use (do not use words verbatim), rubric to ensure the work will get maximum points.
The type of budget and earned value needs to be for a charity or fundraising, you can pick the pick which type
of charity or fundraising.

Sample Solution