Child Development/Early childhood education

Read “Small Change in reading news article” and write a one page summary. Please
introduce the topic, briefly discuss the research findings summarized in the article, reflect on how the topic
relates to course materials and why the topic is important to study, and finally give your opinion.
Then using the scholarly article that coincides, read it and compare it to the news article by
answering the following questions:
1) How is the scholarly article different from the news article( e.g. is the language different? does one sound
more biased than the other)?
2) Were ALL of the findings from the study cited in the news article? Or did the popular media author (s) pick
and choose certain results to report? If not all findings were reported, why do you think certain results were
reported and some were not?
3)Does the news article seem credible based on your new knowledge of the actual study that was conducted?
4) Why is it important for birth to kindergarten majors to understand how to analyze media reports by
comparing them to scholarly articles regarding child development?

Sample Solution