Child Development Theorists

Type of theory: (i.e. moral reasoning, social learning, cognitive, etc.)
Summary of theory: (at least 5 bullets) in your own words (NOT CUT and PASTED)
Importance to Child Development: Why did you include this theory in your top 10? What importance does it
have in the classroom today? Discuss it’s relevance.
Cite at least 5 references (2019 or later) in APA format. Include your reference list on an additional page. Do
NOT include my name, your name, course number, date, cover page, etc. Just put the title of your chart and
the above information.
Part 2 Instructions:
In 2-3 pages (double spaced), answer the following questions. Do you believe it is important for students
enrolled in teacher preparation courses such as EDU 116 to learn about Child Development theorists? Why or
why not? Tell me more about the top theorist? Why do you believe this theorist is the best one? How would you
apply their theory to your own classroom?

Sample Solution