Child Developmental Assessment

Select a pediatric client from infancy through adolescence. You may select an assigned client in clinical or a child in your community. Conduct a developmental assessment and discuss your findings in no more than 4 pages including title and reference pages using APA style 6th edition

Review the child’s growth and development stage including physical, cognitive and psychosocial development and achieve of developmental milestones.
Compare and contrast expected and actual attainment of developmental milestones.
Apply pertinent applicable concepts from Jean Piaget, Erick Erickson and Lawrence Kohlberg theories of human growth and development to your findings
Compare and contrast expected and actual nutritional needs attainment of proper nutrition.
Discuss parent child interaction, communication and discipline; including play and recreational activities.
Identify and discuss any cultural implications on this child’s development.
Recognize child safety strategies use in the child environment or the lack thereof.
Incorporate strategies of anticipatory guidance to promote growth and development.
Support your paper with evidence from the literature. Including your textbook
(Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children, 10e ), review and cite at least 3 current Nursing journals and other sources. Attention to presentation, grammar and writing is important.



Sample Solution