Child maltreatment

Read the instruction carefully and answers all six questions below.

For this assignment, you need to have many sources of information. At least seven sources total is needed; five must be scholarly books or articles (academic journals included), and you may use as many other sources (websites, other articles, etc.) as you wish. You need to follow APA format for the paper (double space, 1” margins, proper citation, etc.).

Write a 10-page paper on a topic of your choice involving some macro or micro level phenomena relating to family violence, interpersonal violence, family abuse, neglect, etc. Because this is a research paper, you
will need to include the following pieces of information:

1. Clearly define and describe the issue at hand. What detail can you provide in describing this issue so that the reader knows the specific cultural context for what you are talking about?
2. Provide some historical data and background information regarding this issue. What changes have occurred in this society (or any society or societies that you are discussing) that may be important to our understanding of this particular social phenomenon in the current time?
3. Give some sort of theoretical insight into the nature of this phenomenon. How can we use a sociological theory to gain a better understanding of the nature of this particular phenomenon? If applicable, how might competing theories be applied to describe this issue?
4. Describe the current trends with what is going on with this issue or phenomenon. Be sure to include statistical and other research data to help describe this issue in detail.
5. Describe the impact or expected impact of this issue on the society at large, or some social groups within it (this will, of course, depend on what your topic is). What may be problematic or beneficial about the continuation
of this particular phenomenon for society on the macro level?
6. Conclude with some suggestion for future research on this topic, or social policy that may help to solve or alleviate the problem.




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