Childhood obesity

Choose 3-4 health science-related terms you wish to define.
Break each down into a category.
Note distinguishing characteristics of each.
Use this information to create a sentence defining each term.
Explain how one of these would be used were you to develop a research report (be sure to clarify your own interpretation of the term).

Describe the sequence of steps required to complete a specific task or describe how something works (these should be health-related).
Use complete sentences in doing so with appropriate linking words and phrases between each.
Divide your description into paragraphs if necessary. (“Question for Thought” – Under what circumstances might it become necessary to use multiple paragraphs as opposed to one?)
Comparing and Contrasting:

Compare and contrast two closely related terms/concepts/systems/theories relevant to the health sciences.
Note their similarities and differences.
Use appropriate linking words and phrases.

Sample Solution