Children’s book

Paper details the name of the book is coraline. Neil Gaiman made his initial mark on literature as a writer of fairly adult-themed (despite being “comic books) texts. He has, however, also had quite a lot of success as a children’s author. What do you think of this text as a book for kids? On the back it says “Ages 8 and Up,” but it is somewhat frightening.
Please don’t just say “it depends on the kid.” Of course it does, but what factors would influence your decision to recommend or not recommend this book for kids in general? For example, would you encourage an elementary school to keep it in the library? Why or why not? Would you keep it in a public library? In what section? You don’t have to address those points, but they are food for thought.
Cite at least two other academically reliable sources using APA format in your essay.




































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